MYBOTSHOP is launching MBS ROVO2

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MYBOTSHOP is launching MBS ROVO2 - MBS ROVO2 Tracked UGV launched | MYBOTSHOP.DE

MYBOTSHOP is releasing a new
tracked unmanned ground vehicle

Autonomous driving is no longer a technology of the future. And it is not only in cars on the road that the driver will soon be dispensed with. MYBOTSHOP, the German sales partner for robotics, sensor technology and automation technology, has a new vehicle in its program. With the further developed MBS ROVO 2, the company from North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) is introducing a tracked vehicle to the robot market that can withstand most environmental influences and is intended to increase cost efficiency in companies.
In addition to the basic version, the soon available MYBOTSHOP green, the tracked vehicle is also available as a fully configurable premium version tailored to customer requirements. Here, the end customer benefits from several years of experience and specialization in the field of application development and research, which is implemented in-house at MYBOTSHOP. This means that additional elements are completely configurable and available from MYBOTSHOP on request. So the customer receives a fully tested product with all needed software packages already installed. Due to the fully ROS Support, the documentation and Support will be done from MYBOTSHOP as well!

The all-terrain and water-protected vehicle (IP 65) confidently overcomes various surfaces such as mud, snow and ice, gravel, crushed stone and sand. This is possible due to the low contact pressure based on the chain length. The battery life is currently around 8 h (depending on speed and load) and the maximum speed of the vehicle is just under 20 km/h. Furthermore, a module for the fast charging function can be purchased as an option.

By means of the external power supply, additional consumers such as robot arms, cameras, 3D-LiDAR and other components can be connected very easily. The Ouster 3D LiDAR in particular is ideal for mapping, which is unavoidable in autonomous driving. The 3D-LiDAR with up to 128 Layers and a vertical angle resolution of 0,18° creates a high resolution point cloud which meets all safety regulations related to eye protection and all relevant data protection regulations.
A robot arm, such as the 6-axis Universal Robots UR-3, enables, among other things, mobile manipulation as an all-rounder arm.The use of a HOKUYO UAM-05LP - called Safety LiDAR - is recommended. This means that it may be used in robot-human applications, and due it’s TÜV-South certification and redundant design it’s a great LiDAR to protect the robot itself and all humans and machines around it. According to the called ToF principle (Time of Flight) whereby the time of the emitted light is measured. As a result, minimal response time of 60ms is possible.

The used Stereolabs ZED is a high-performance 3D camera for a wide range of applications. This camera has two 4 MP cameras, enabling 2 K recordings (4416 x 1242 px) with a frame rate of up to 100 Hz.

With a payload of up to 500 kg, the vehicle is particularly suitable as a transport platform. The towing capacity is just under 2 t and trailers and vehicles can be easily towed via an optional trailer coupling.

With the MBS ROVO 2, MYBOTSHOP can offer a product that convinces with low maintenance and a long service life - price and performance match here. Due to years of experience, proven technology, permanent further development and the use of high-quality components in the vehicle, the acquisition costs of 40,000 EUR (MSRP) are well worth it.

MYBOTSHOP company founder Daniel Kottlarz draws from the autonomous future and artificial intelligence the potential to simplify work steps and process flows and to increase cost-benefit efficiency. Likewise, employees in hazardous work environments can be reduced and their safety supported.

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