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Burger & Waffle Pi

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Customer reviews
Super Supplier!
Im from Greece and i received Pixhawk Cube two days after my order! Thank you!

- Vasilis V., Pixhawk Cube Orange+

Portable base station and also rover node
Easy to use as either base station or in a rover

- Jorge P., Holybro H-RTK F9P Helical

Excellent product
This camera is amazing. You can start to play with it in extremely short time. Connection is fast and simple, and you can follow the Luxonis github...

- Andrija M., Luxonis DepthAI OAK-D-POE


Robot Operating System

The Robot Operating System (ROS.org) is a Linux based open source framework and is used to develop robot applications. It can be used on almost every device that can run Linux Ubuntu such as Raspberry Pi or Snickerdoodle by krtkl to only mention a few of those devices. The continuously development of both universities and technologic companies created a high-performance SDK. The leading companies when it comes to the usage and further development of ROS are the MIT, BMW, Clearpath, Universal Robots, Robotnik and Rethnik Robotics. Besides the already created and configured robot profiles that can be used it is also possible to develop new robot profiles on your own. Both usage and development of robot profiles is very user friendly which is granted by the modular design. For sensor technology and for controller boards such as Xbox Kinect, Asus Xtion or Hokuyo Lidar there is already an existing interface as well as protocols. Furthermore, the framework also brings integrated plugins such as RVIZ or Gazebo which can be used to visualize the robot on a graphic surface. The simulation of motion sequences and indoor navigation is very cost saving in the development because you can simulate the robot before creating a prototype.

Product Range

Autonomous systems find usage in a variety of branches and domains such as autonomous storage systems, industrial facilities, or Robots that are used to develop a variety of applications. Our goal is it to provide a qualitative variety of components for almost every field of application. To reach this ambitious goal we work hand in hand with a lot of manufacturers and distributors. With companies such as Robotiq, Lynxmotion, OpenMV, Hokuyo, SLAMTEC, Marvelmind or ROBOTIS we try to make the robotic a bit smarter day after day through delivering top quality products to every costumer. The result of the cooperation is a product portfolio with a very wide product range that reaches from artificial intelligence to machine vision applications. Our wide spectrum of products enables it us to give a preselection of components for almost every task. Besides the variety of products, we also try to always provide you with the newest products. We also have to offer the development of diverse electronic systems or even complete robots. Through constant evaluation with the customer in the process of the project, that goes along with several milestones and workshops, we try to provide you with the best possible outcome that comes to your mind.

Our Vision

We have a variety of customers that include private customers, universities and also industrial companies. But all of these different types of customers all have the same goal which is always achieving the best possible outcome! And that is where we set in because we want to help you achieving your personal goal. No matter if it is about supporting you with our engineering expertise or simply help people that are interested in the whole topic of robotic respectively automation engineering to get a better understanding of this topic. Therefore, we regularly release reviews, quick-start-guides and application examples. To optimize our service, we also provide the development of hardware and fitting software packages that allow for integration or just simple steering by third-party components. Those software packages and news are accessible for free and without any registration needed on our homepage or under the tab “News & Guides”. And we also have a supporter forum in German and English that functions as technical support and as knowledgebase and can be found under www.forum.mybotshop.de. All in all, our vision is it to carry on the technical development by providing you the best possible service.