About us

Why we've released MYBOTSHOP.DE?

MYBOTSHOP.DE is a young company founded 2017 a little bit outside from Cologne, Germany. Our office is very close to industry companies like Ford Motor Company, Bayer AG or Ineos with huge automation facilities but who is developing such constructions? This is the reason why we've released MYBOTSHOP.DE. First only as blog to show new technics and products, and a little bit later with a webshop to offer platforms for research and education.

What are our main goals?

We are distributing and reselling products from different manufacturer for several use cases like SLAM, Navigation or Human Robot Interaction.
Furthermore we've still released our first oversea webproject in South Africa: www.mybotshop.co.za

If you are interested in working with us, please check our career and reseller pages, too.