Why has MYBOTSHOP.DE been originated?

MYBOTSHOP.DE is a young company founded 2017 in the outskirts of Cologne. Due to the immediate proximity to industrial companies such as the Ford Motor Company, the Bayer AG or Ineos scaled processes as well as large production plants are always present. But who researches, conceives and develops such complex machines?

At that point we want to approach and therefore provide a widespreaded range of products including development boards, drive technology aswell as full kits and fully functionall robotic platforms wich can be used for both reasearch and development.

What is our distinction?

Our customers are midsize companies, research institutions and private customers. Every customer recieves first class consulting choosing the different components or personal support with the realization of a new project, regardless of wether beeing a first time customer or a registered customer.

Furthermore we try our best supporting research wether it beeing private research or highschool projects. Therefore we have special discounts for public institutions to support the next-generation engineers with both research and development. We also support privat projects with product sponsorings.

What dissociates us from a traditional onlineshop?

We envision oursels more as a platform for developer, researcher and pioneers, then just a traditional online shop. Besides our widespread range of product we are offering we are working on creating a knowledge data base with our forum, constant product tests, new concepts and several guidances. Our focus is not sheer on the distribution of our products, we also focus on the individual support to assist everybody creating new concepts, ideas and inventions.