We invest into the future!

"The pupil and students of today, are the world changer of tomorrow"

We fully agree to this statement and therefore we try to make our part in contributing something day by day. Therefore public institutions are able to purchase on account and we furthermore grant a date of payment of up to 30 days.

To purchase on account we only need an email with the following information.

  • The email-adress has to be registered to a domain of a public institution
  • Delivery and billing address
  • Product name, product number and the quantity of each product

After we recieve the order we will send you the order confirmation per email within at least 24 hours.

To lower your ordering effort please click on the following link: create your account, to open up a customer account. After opening up your customer account please inform us so we can manually activate your account and assign the discount for public institutions to your account. Now you have the benefits of seeing the prices for public institutions, purchase on account without any further effort aswell as beeing able to chronologically see the orders via the account

For remarks or any questions feel free to contact us at any given time!