15 / November 2021
  Logistics is a prominent and ever-growing industry that is the backbone of any organization. Logistics is required by organizations for storing items in their inventory and delivering

11 / October 2021
Objective This is a gait planning guide that provides a very brief overview of what gaits are, how they are designed, what purpose do they serve, what are the essential aspects

30 / July 2021
MYBOTSHOP is releasing a new tracked unmanned ground vehicle Autonomous driving is no longer a technology of the future. And it is not only in cars on the road that the driver

11 / November 2020
The review today is about about two very easy to use yet powerful tools in robotics Eva Robotic Arm and SoftGripping's modular pneumatically powered elastic gripper. Todays both of these

19 / August 2020
Today we are publishing a review with a little bit of a guide on Hebi Robotics ( X series actuators. A 3 dof arm is reviewed in this guide. The actuators

24 / January 2020
Universal Robots arm and ROBOTIS Hand Setup with ROS Driver Robot Assembly The settings and software installtions

30 / November 2019
Astra Camera Intergration with Turtlebot3 We've developed a 3D-Camera Upgrade Kit for the popular Turtlebot3 research Platform. The Kit and the following manual is compatible

27 / March 2019
The MYBOTSHOP Raspberry Pi Dynamixel Servo Controllerboard (DSC) is, as the name already implies, developed to function as the controlling unit for Dynamixel servos via Raspberry Pi. The

13 / March 2018
Please click here for visiting the quick start guide in German The Dynamixel Servo Controllerboard (DSC) is a high performance and arduino compatible Raspberry Pi expansion board to
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