Orbbec and Microsoft’s collaboration | Orbbec Femto

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Orbbec and Microsoft’s collaboration | Orbbec Femto - Orbbec and Microsoft’s collaboration | MYBOTSHOP.DE

Orbbec, a prominent player in the 3D vision systems sector, has unveiled a suite of products developed in collaboration with Microsoft. These products utilize Orbbec's high-precision depth camera design and manufacturing capabilities, combined with Microsoft's indirect time-of-flight (iToF) technology from HoloLens 2. The suite is set to enhance the application and accessibility of high-performance 3D vision across industries such as logistics, robotics, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and fitness.

Amit Banerjee, Head of Platform and Partnerships at Orbbec, stated, “Orbbec devices with Microsoft’s iToF technology use the same depth camera module as Azure Kinect Developer Kit, offering identical operating modes and performance. Developers can seamlessly migrate their existing applications to Orbbec’s cameras using the API bridge provided in their SDK.”

For enterprise developers, the flexibility to choose the most suitable device for deployment scenarios is emphasized. Applications developed and qualified with Femto Mega can be deployed in challenging industrial environments using Femto Mega I, while those requiring an external computer can leverage Femto Bolt. All cameras support a sophisticated trigger sync system for integration into multi-sensor networks.

The devices feature 1-megapixel depth cameras with a wide 120° field of view and a range from 0.25m to 5.5m. They also include a high-performance 4K resolution RGB camera with a 90° field of view and a 6DOF IMU module for orientation.

  • Femto Bolt: Ideal for commercial deployments, offering compatibility with Azure Kinect Developer Kit and a more compact form factor with enhanced HDR capability. Currently sampling and available for volume orders in October.
  • Femto Mega: The industry’s highest resolution smart camera, featuring a built-in NVIDIA® Jetson™ Nano for advanced depth vision algorithms. Currently in production with Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection.
  • Femto Mega I: Industry’s highest-performance ruggedized intelligent camera, currently shipping with an IP65 rating for harsh environments.

The universal trigger control hub facilitates easy multi-camera and multi-sensor network connections using standard Ethernet cables. Orbbec's SDK streamlines setup, registration, and integration with various applications.

Swati Mehta, Senior Director, Engineering at Microsoft, mentioned, “Orbbec’s products provide customers with a broad set of choices, making 3D sensing technology accessible globally for a wider range of applications.”

David Chen, Co-Founder and Head of Products at Orbbec 3D, emphasized Orbbec’s mission to provide superior, accessible RGB-D technology and highlighted their ability to support customers with custom design and ODM services.

Learn more about Orbbec at www.mybotshop.de/Orbbec3D


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