MYBOTSHOP Waypoint Navigation & 3D-SLAM Package

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MYBOTSHOP Waypoint Navigation & 3D-SLAM Package - RTK GPS GNSS Waypoint Navigation & 3D-SLAM | MYBOTSHOP.DE


One of the most important skills for autonomous use-cases in outdoor robots is Global Positioning System (GPS) Waypoint Navigation. GPS Waypoint Navigation refers to the ability to give a robot a collection of GPS waypoints (i.e., a set of latitude/longitude coordinates) and have the robot traverse independently from its present location to each of the defined waypoints. Not colliding with obstacles along the way is also desirable.

Important Aspects of GPS Navigation

Localization and navigation are the two most important aspects of GPS waypoint navigation. Localization is the process of estimating a robot's position using the robot's sensors (such as the UGV wheel encoders, IMU data, and GPS readings). The navigation system is in charge of sending wheel velocity commands to the UGV so that it may move to the target location in this case being a GPS coordinate.

MYBOTSHOP GPS Navigation Package

The MYBOTSHOP GPS package utilizes some of a collection of ROS packages as well as several python libraries to enable any robot to move from one target location to another. Although a few packages are available open-source for the GPS navigation, none of them work out of the box and requires extensive tuning of parameters. The tuning of parameters is not limited to the GPS package but also involves tuning the navigation package (i.e. the movebase/movebase flex) package. Needless to say, one can build their own navigation package and bypass the tuning, however, they may lose the intricate perks of the avoidance collision and pre-configured path planners.

Today we will discuss some of the intricacies of the GPS navigation package in light of the MYBOTSHOP GPS package. Starting off, we will enumerate the required and optional hardware as well as the software. Next, we will discuss some of the required configurations and finally, we will illustrate working of the GPS navigation package.


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